Michael Friedman's Imperials

1966 Convertible (Turbine Bronze)


I always liked this color! I've got one of the models of this car, and always enjoy seeing cars this color. A few years ago, when I got my '66 Crown convertible, it was primer gray over pale yellow over primer over medium blue! I didn't care for the original blue (with the black interior), or the yellow either. Since it wasn't going to be a show car anyway, but a driver, I had no qualms about a new color. One-Day has a color called Medium Chestnut Metallic that's pretty close to Turbine Bronze, and it looks GREAT on my '66!

1964 LeBaron

64lebaronside.jpg (29857 bytes)


64lebaronrq.jpg (61850 bytes)

64lebaronrqt2.jpg (53740 bytes)


Hope you enjoy the pictures!



November, 1998

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