Patricia Chidlaw

Santa Barbara, California 805-687-1767 or eMail

Patricia was the featured artist for the "Artwalk 2001" show at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, October 27-28, 2001. She showed 28 paintings.

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Gas, Santa Ynez (jpg, 159291 bytes)

"Gas, Santa Ynez"


Himalya, (himalaya.jpg,177288 bytes)



Philippes (jpg,147294 bytes)


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"Arts Antique"

Her work has also been exhibited annually at the Terrence Rogers Fine Art gallery in Santa Monica. Call 310-394-4999.

Patricia Chidlaw, 2001

The Easton Gallery, Santa Barbara, 805-969-5781 also has Patricia's paintings.

Recent Showings

Space Available, spce_av.jpg (169285 bytes)

"Space Available (Mojave Desert Dusk)", 24" x 42"

yel_Taxi.jpg (167756 bytes)

"Yellow Taxi", 20" x 46"

sun_morn.jpg (169338 bytes)

"Sunday Morning, Santa Paula", 16" x 42"

Other Recent Work

Blue Room, 1999

"Blue Room", 28" x 28"

 Long Life Restaurant, 1999

"Long Life Restaurant", 40" x 26"

Hazy Morning, 1999

"Hazy Morning", 20" x 28"


Morning Pool, 1999

"Morning Pool", 18" x 30"


Prior Works

Paradise Cafe

"Paradise Cafe", 26" x 38"


Venice, California

"Venice, California", 20" x 30"


Red Stools

"Red Stools", 24" x 48"

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